Don MacKenzie

Don was born and raised in New Liskeard, Ontario and has been an avid outdoorsman since early childhood. Here he achieved a deep appreciation for the dramatic natural surroundings that North Temiskaming has to offer. Birds, colorful fall leaves and iridescent feathers became of particular interest.

He started exploring the world of art as a young child doing portraiture, but was eventually captivated by carving, first in soapstone and then in basswood and tupelo. Don sets his birds in their own habitat so that the viewers may have a glimpse of nature.

Don’s work can be found in private and corporate collections throughout Canada, the United States, Australia, Europe and Asia.

True Canadian Creations

All of Don’s creations are made from Basswood and painted in acrylic washes. All of the leaves, feathers, flowers, stumps, rocks, moss, birds, and feet are made by Don, with the only exception being the glass eyes.

The birds and their created habitat are set on a hand crafted cedar base.

The ash frames are made in Canada, and the framing of the leaves and feathers is done by Pam. These are truly Made in Canada from Canadian materials. When taking a piece of this art to another country you can honestly say that it is Made in Canada.

Pam paints mostly on Birch Panels as she prefers the satiny finish of the primed surface. Pam feels the extra cost of these panels are well worth it.


Pam MacKenzie

Artistic endeavours have always been a part of Pam’s life. From making her own school clothing to designing and creating wedding gowns and apparel to art quilts, weaving and stained glass.

Pam began exploring the drawing and painting art world in 2013 with Laura Landers, Irish Shields and now Carol Rudderham. Pam has taken workshops with Peter John Reid and lastly Brian Atyeo.

While her first love is portraiture in black and white she felt the need to colour her portraits first in pastels and now in acrylic to further this endeavour.